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NEW STOCKS AND NEW UNSOLD STOCKS - Merchandise that was unsold. This type of product has never been worn, used or sold and has been in inventory for an extended period of time. It often has original packaging and tags. Example : Dead stock is too often purchased because of lack of knowledge and communication between sales and purchasing of Retailers/Wholesaler/Manufactures.

What is dead stock ? It has nothing to do with farm animals and neither is it safety stock. The dead stock portion of your inventory is simply that amount of stock that you do not sell, during a defined period of time. It is unused inventory.

All products at are brand new, 100% genuine and come with Manufacturer's warranty wherever applicable.

 Dead stock means unsold Inventory for long time say more than 6months.The dead stock is the stock that were never used. Almost same as safety stock. If you look at the history of Retailers/wholesaler/Manufactures stock, the portion of the stock that remains in stock and are not used/sold over time can be regarded as dead stock.Poor management forecasts of demand and poor inventory management.

Term that refers to inventory that is at the end of its product life cycle and has not seen any sales or usage for a set period of time usually determined by the industry. This type of inventory has to be written down and can cause large losses for a company.

Also referred to as "dead inventory" or "excess inventory".

Why these items are still stored in the warehouse ?

It is one of the hardest decisions to actually keep/dispose of stock items but having said that, a business considers storage costs/interest cost/opportunity cost incurred by these items and enforce a business process around this issue.

No men/women are perfect in this world about shopping either they accumulate or will not find right product . Although everyone likes to complain about resellers, they do keep the dream alive when it comes to hunting down hard-to-find goods from months past. As time goes by following a release of new designs, Stocks become harder to find - especially deadstock ones. It may cost Retailers/Wholesaler/Manufactures, but they are out there - thanks, in part, to those resellers that we love to hate.

SAVE ENVIRONMENT - Any product manufactured which is unused is waste of natural resources to any country or state, there is always some consumer in this world to buy them. Thanks to world of advanced internet platform for the buyers and sellers. This is also one of the of vision of our company save the precious natural resources – GREEN INITIATIVE PROGRAME.

For all the above reasons we as company approach & update the stock levels of Retailers/Wholesaler/Manufactures and sell them online cutting their losses and passing on the heavy discounts to the consumer.

MERKUR VENTURES PVT LTD new startup up company with 30 years of experience of retailing & distribution of building materials in Bangalore.Also into construction of residential & commercial projects in Bangalore.

To our customers, we supply good quality inventory at a reasonable cost.

To our suppliers, we free up the cash locked in their non-performing inventory so they can purchase fast-moving inventory and become more profitable.


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